Annual Sports Meet  Date: 18.08.2018

The Annual Sports Day for the academic year 2018 to 2019 was a joint effort of both the MCC Nursery and Primary School and MCC Public School. This was also the first time the Annual Sports Meet was conducted independently without the mothering care of our parent MCC school.

All the students were excited and the air was filled with the spirit of sportsmanship.  The school band proudly escorted the chief guests, Mr Robin Charles Raja and his wife, MrsAngela Lincy Robin and our beloved correspondent, Mr G J Manohar, into the arena.

Then Jaden Pierre, the School Head Boy, welcomed the gathered assembly. Mrs Sabine Paulprayed the school prayer which was followed by the school song beautifully rendered by the school choir.

Precision and rhythm met on the MCC school grounds when the four houses of the school marched in orderly contingents. The Meston House, the Boyd House, the Miller House and the Anderson House marched smartly behind Jaden Pierre, the school Head Boy and Celeste Williams, the school Head Girl.  Then the tiny tots of kindergarten followed along with famous cartoon characters who had come to spread awareness to our students with powerful messages. It was indeed a treat for the eyes.

The Sports Meet was officially opened by the Chief Guest, Mr Robin Charles Raja, the Superintendent of Customs who is also a champion sportsman in his own right. He graciously presided over the Sports Meet along with his wife, MrsAngela Lincy Robin, who is also a proud gold medalist in Women’s High Jump in SAF.  In honour of the Sports Meet, a pigeon was let out to symbolize peace and harmony over all the people.

Our correspondent then welcomed the assembly with an inspiring speech. Then there was a surprise for all present, the release of our very own monthly school newsletter, aptly named CAMPTWEETZ. It is a special academic-cultural showcase for our students. Mrs Angela Lincy Robin, officially released the first issues of CAMPTWEETZ.

MrRobin Charles Raja also shared a few inspiring words which showed sports in a new perspective to us.

Next was a special cultural performance where the students used simple sponges to convey beautiful messages.

After the culturals, the sports events started. The air was filled with cheers and parents were excited to see their children participate. There were even games for the parents.

Finally the proud winners stood on the victory stand and were honoured with medals and certificates.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for – the overall performance award! The Anderson House walked off with the prestigious shield. The Sports Meet ended well with the weather also favouring us with warmth and sunshine. .