Inauguration of Clubs


To make education more interesting, the MCC Nursery and Primary School has established 6 clubs where students can have fun along with learning in various subjects. On 25.07.18, the clubs were inaugurated by our honourable Correspondent, Mr.G.J.Manohar. 

The programme started with Mrs. Reeta Joyce saying a word of prayer which was followed by the school choir singing the school song. 

No programme is complete without the choir singing a special song and the choir did not disappoint us. They gave a lovely performance which was enjoyed by all. 

Then all the clubs’ incharge teachers introduced their clubs.  The Spectrum Club (Science) was the first and their aim is to take science to a new level. The next club was Alpha Omega Club (Mathematics) which showed numbers in a new light. It was followed by the Phonic Club (English) which stressed on the importance of English. This year, we had a new entry, the art and crafts club aptly named Creative Hands which aims to bring out the artist in every student during this academic year.  The Muthamizh Sangham Club (Tamil) showed the beauty of Tamil to every one present. Finally it was the turn of the Techno Titans Club (Computer Science) which introduced the world of computers in an innovative way. 

Each club has a club secretary also.

The programme ended well with the National Anthem and now the students are ready for the club activities of the term.