Joy of Giving Day

The Joy of Giving Day  Date: 11-09-18

Little Drops – make an ocean

The Joy of Giving is a special programme conducted in MCC Nursery and Primary School every year. Usually the students enjoy collecting provisions, clothes, money and indeed, every kind of useful gifts for the inmates of Little Drops Old Age Home. This year was no different and the students did a wonderful job again in helping out the poor and needy.

Little Drops – have made a mighty ocean

Last month MCC Nursery and Primary school had gone on a campaign to collect funds for the poor, destitute and aged inmates of Little Drops Home for the Aged and Destitute. This month a group of teachers made a visit to the home to present them the collected funds. The team of teachers gathered not only to give them the much-needed donation but also to cheer the residents who have been abandoned and rejected by their own families. As the teachers visited each dorm, they sang songs and the voices of the destitute never sounded so beautiful as they too joined in the singing. It was amazing to see how much the little visit lifted up their spirits.