Weavers Day

Weavers Day  Date: 07-09-18

India has a rich tradition and culture which has sadly gotten lost in the modern techno world. It is sad to say that the most neglected part of our culture is the khadi world which had been the driving passion of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, it was thanks to Gandhiji that the Swadeshi Movement put a piece of Khadi and Freedom into the hearts of every Indian during the early revolutionary days. Today, it is our duty to instill into the heart of every student the importance of Khadi, handloom and Indian Art. In the days of jeans and jeggings, the students of MCC Nursery and Primary School came to school in hand-woven cotton clothes. It was a beautiful sight to see the boys in veshtis and the girls in pavadai-chattais.