Swachh Bharat

Swachh Bharat                      Date: 07-09-18

The Swachh Bharat mission was launched by the government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on October 2nd 2014. The best way to get a clean India is to expose the students to the Swachh Bharat movement. Let us raise the next generation in a clean country and let us also teach them how to keep the country clean.

The month of September saw MCC Nursery and Primary School, following diligently the agenda given by the Swachh Bharat committee for schools to complete. It was a whole school effort headed by Mrs Ruth Annamarial who made sure that each day was a “clean” day. The students gave an overwhelming response by helping to plant seeds in the school campus, going on a “Swachh” march around the neighbourhood to distribute pamphlets and even wrote poems and articles on how to keep the country clean.

Mrs Anitha Grace ensured that the morning assemblies were also filled with skits, presentations and songs on how to keep a clean India.