The School has a vision to impart education that is textured with the basics of self perfection, liberty and progress.

The curriculum at the preprimary level is tailored to meet the needs of the young students in an integrated system of Montessori and Kindergarten methods.

The academic year starts with a Fresher’s Day is the month of June. There are five clubs like science, Mathematics, English, Computer science, Art and craft. The Club activities play an significant role in improving applied skills of our students.The induction of school Headboy, Head girl and prefects, vice prefects and House Captains in the Investiture Ceremony helps our students to bring for the leadership qualities in them.

A planned academic strategy is implemented comprising Remedial Class for the under performer, Scheduled monthly Tests and Terminal Examinations at regular intervals, help the students in a broader way. The school follows the CCA system (FA, SA) for assessing the students.

The Parents Teachers meeting is held each term. A detailed discussion takes place between teachers & Parents where parents get to know about their wards.

Every alternate year the school celebrates the X’Plorethe Science exhibition which provides a platform for the students to launch their innovative ideas.

Apart from learning experience in class room the students were also acquainted with Smart board class and Computer Education This gives a visual form of the lesson to their minds and make them associate with the abstract of lesson.

Field Trips take book learning beyond classroom and extend it to life.

To enrich the faculty and update them with the latest in the field of education the school organizes Workshop for the teachers.

Apart from this Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day and all National Festivals are celebrated in the school with all its fervor.

Grand Parents Day is also celebrated in the school. Giving them a due respect.

The Morning school Assemblies and the Bulletin Boards of the four houses play a vital role in the students character formation.

The school lays stress on the Moral Value Education to inculcate good manners and mould their behavior.

Each class is given a chance to produce and release their class Magazines

The Graduation Day for the Kindergarten and the Farewell Assembly for the outgoing 5th STD Students mark the end of the fruitful academic year.

Excellence is the hall mark of the school. The school works on a Quality Circle to achieve Total Quality Management. The Academic environment at the MCC Primary school provides abundant opportunities for self exploration and talent display of each student