When Emperor Constantine was facing a critical situation due to the approach of the enemy, he realised the futility of his worship until he turned his attention to the one God that his father had been telling him about. At the same time, he saw the sky shining brighter than the sun with a sign “In Hoc Signo Vince”, “In this sign, Conquer”.

Following this, Christ appeared to him in a dream, holding the same cross and telling him to display it on a banner, which became the symbol of his whole family.

The cross takes the central place of our Shield, not only because of its association with the motto, but also because it signifies for us. Is combined with an Anchor, signifying Hope.

The Crest with the fingers pointing upwards to heaven is to be taken as the blessing of the Church upon the school. This reminds us that our education is to be a preparation not only for this life, but for the life beyond death, to which through work here.

God is calling us.

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