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MCC group of institutions were established in the year 1835 and has been the name for holistic development of children. In pursuit of excellence and the need to have a strong foundational stage in the life of every child was launched the MCC Nursery and Primary School in the year 2008. In the Primary stage the children study a lot about nature and the things around them, as that is the stage where they are slowly exposed to the world that they will be venturing into slowly. To enhance this study MCC offers a green campus sprawling over an area of 18 acres, where children can see, feel and study. Excellent field trips to the under ocean Aquarium, Post office, Pazhamudhir Cholai makes MCC a unique place to develop childhood education.

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Capacity building is also excellent in MCC group of institutions. Teachers undergo training at least five times a year and are equipped with software skills too. Activities planned through the year makes the learning more exciting. With the strike of the Pandemic we shifted our learning method to the hybrid method of learning so that our children never missed their lessons.

The 21st century skills are introduced in MCC at a very tender age. Children learn to do sight reading at the end of LKG. By participating in various Literary activities children enhance their literary skills. Life skills are imbibed into the lessons they learn critical thinking & Logical reasoning is included as part of their curriculum. Children freely communicate their learning to the society around. We are part of the British Council Connecting classroom project which will enhance Creativity & Collaboration. The state of the art Innovation Lab will be set up very soon from which young entrepreneurs will bloom and their innovations will reach the society around.

The extracurricular activities are Karate classes, Football, Cricket coaching etc. Exposure to the Army wing, Navy wing, Road Safety Patrol etc. will be given through awareness programs conducted by the school. The Sports Day, Christmas Programs & Carnival, The Annual Day are all the important events of the school. Every child brings a painted pot with a plant in the pot is the green Drive planned for this year. The contribution from the Christmas Carnival reaches the poor in old age homes. Caring and Sharing is taught at a tender age.